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A er taking “Jewelry Design Part 1 –  e Basics,” students can advance to this class, which covers more exquisite pieces. In this course, students will learn the use of silver wire to wrap a set of chandelier earrings made of semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls.
Instructor: Alicia Serratos is a designer for Kisshy and an experienced instructor. She has created jewelry for red carpet events and Neiman Marcus.
Class requirements: Must be age 13 or older. Students under 18 must take this class with an adult who has also registered. Students must take “Jewelry Design Part 1 –  e Basics (438)” and will need a jewelry board or towel to keep stones from slipping. Students will also need a round nose cutter,  at nose plier and jewelry cutter – which they can bring or purchase from the instructor.
Cost: $25
Materials fee: $25 (payable to instructor).  is includes semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls, precut silver wires, 1 long cable- chain, 2 ear wires and 5 headpins.  e three tools listed under class requirements can be purchased from the instructor for $7 each.
Date and time: July 14 (Saturday), 1:30-3:30 p.m.
AND CPR (379*)
Preparation and planning are the keys to handling an animal medical emergency. Students will learn how to respond e ectively, minimize su ering and prevent further injury while transporting an animal to the veterinarian.  is class covers a range of injuries and illnesses and the appropriate measures to take with various types of animals. Please do not bring your pet.
Instructor: Peter Pay has been teaching Pet First Aid and CPR classes in the Bay Area for more than 12 years and is certi ed by the American Safety and Health Institute.
Class Requirements: Must be age 14 or older. Students under 18 must take this class with an adult who has also registered.
Cost: $45
Date and time: Nov. 10 (Saturday), 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Finance & Real Estate
Reverse mortgages can help seniors stay in their homes, while eliminating mortgage payments and providing monthly income or a line of credit. Today’s FHA-insured reverse mortgage is a safe, highly regulated  nancial product. However, borrowers do need to understand the costs, risks and bene ts
of the  ve common reverse mortgage structures.  is class covers what reverse mortgages are and do, what they actually cost, and how to use reverse mortgages to provide  nancial liquidity.
Instructor: Casey Fleming has been an appraiser, mortgage adviser, mentor and trainer since 1979. He was the president and is currently on the board of directors for the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association of Mortgage Professionals.
Cost: $45
Materials fee: $15 (payable to instructor) Dates and times: Sept. 12 and 19
(two Wednesdays), 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  *Use the class number (a er each course title) when registering online. 7

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