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• ACSM Certi ed Exercise Physiologist on sta 
Cost: Veterans and sta : $190 per year,
$50 per quarter, $25 per month. Students and community members: $220 per year, $60 per quarter, $25 per month. For current availability, visit tnesscenter
Dates and times: Gym memberships are aligned with De Anza College’s quarter system. For details, visit pe/ tnesscenter
For any new or seasoned athlete, De Anza College’s Lifetime Fitness & Wellness Center is the perfect choice for reaching health and wellness goals.
 Lifestyle and eating habits have a notable impact on memory and mood. Alzheimer’s disease is now sometimes called “Type 3 Diabetes” because of potential correlations with sugar.  is two-hour seminar
includes healthy eating and lifestyle tips to improve mood and overall health, reduce in ammation and improve memory. Topics include the correlation between nutrition and brain health, studies on exercising the brain and brain-healthy recipes.
Instructor: Marcia Sivek has a master’s degree in nutrition and a bachelor’s degree in geological and environmental engineering. She is also the producer, creator and co-host of BeProvided Conservation Radio.
Cost: $25
Date and time: Sept. 20 ( ursday), 6-8 p.m.
Instructor: Tom Taber is a graduate of the University of California, Davis and author of “ e Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Book.”
Cost: $89
Class requirements: Must be age 13 or older. Students under 18 must take this class with an adult who has also registered.  is course requires moderate physical activity. Students should be able to hike mountainous terrain and walk up to 6.5 miles. Students should wear comfortable walking shoes and layered clothing.
Dates, times and locations: Classroom sessions on Oct. 11 and Nov. 8 (two  ursdays), 7-8:30 p.m., at De Anza College. Field trips on Oct. 13 and 27 and Nov. 10 (three Saturdays), 10 a.m.-4 p.m., starting at locations to be announced.
Join instructor and guide Tom Taber for a fun and informative course that combines in-class lectures with weekend  eld trips. Learn about  ora, fauna, geology and history as you discover scenic Peninsula and South Bay parks and trails. Each excursion will involve walking 4.5-6.5 miles in mountainous terrain. Frequent stops will be made to examine natural and historical features and to sample tasty treats made from native edible plants. Students will explore a forested canyon with a beautiful creek and lots of history at Fall Creek; an oak woodland that straddles the San Andreas Fault at Monte Bello Open Space; and an old-growth redwood grove and beautiful views at San Mateo County Memorial Park.
  10 *Use the class number (a er each course title) when registering online.

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