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How to Locate Buildings and Rooms
Building numbers are the  rst digit of room numbers. Example: Room S-73 is located in Building S-7.
LCW — Learning Center West
Library— (Rear)
L-2,3 L-4
Mod Quad
PE-2 PE-4
PE-5 PE-6
PLT — Planetarium
Science Center SC-1
SC-3 SEM — Seminar
S-2 S-3
S-5 S-6 S-7 S-8 S-9
RSS — Registration and Student Services Building
VPAC — Visual & Performing Arts Center
Audio Visual, Classrooms,
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Services, Disability Support Services Testing and Tutoring, Library West Computer Lab; Student Success and Retention Services
Community Education –
ExtendedYear Program,
Short Courses
Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies Division O ce, Language Arts Division O ce, Social Sciences/ Humanities Division O ce Classrooms/Psychology Lab
La Voz, Red Wheelbarrow,
Data Services
Online Education, Equity
O ce, Learning Resources,
Multimedia Team,
Professional Development
Classroom Classroom
Intercultural/International Studies Division O ce and Multicultural Center
Auxiliary Gyms,
Physiology Lab
Main Gym
P.E. Division O ce, Recreational Sports/Intramural O ce, Faculty O ces Faculty O ces
Fitness and Wellness Center,
Locker Rooms, Faculty O ces
De Anza College Planetarium
  Administration Building
Lobby ADM-101,102 103 106, 109 119 A-1 A-4
A-5 A-6 A-7 A-9
AT— Advanced Technology Center
Baldwin Winery Hinson
Campus Center Upper Level
Lower Level
F-1 through 6
FOR — Forum
F-1,2,3 F-4,6
G-1 through 10
HTCTU — Hoe er Building
KC — Kirsch Center For
Environmental Studies
President, Vice Presidents and
Associate Vice Presidents (Instruction,
Student Services, Finance and College
Operations, Communications), Academic
Services, Budget and Personnel,
Institutional Research, Rental Facilities
Coordinator, Mailroom
Gilbane Construction
Conference Rooms
Choral Hall
Creative Arts Division O ce,
Faculty O ces
Ceramics/Painting Studio
Photography Studio
Sculpture Studio
Classrooms MQ-1
    L-5 L-6,8 L-7 Media and Learning Center (MLC)
           Labs and
Classrooms for Accounting,
Computer Access Lab,
Computer Information Systems
(CIS), Disability Support Programs
and Services, Engineering, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Film/TV, Graphic Design, Language, Manufacturing and Design, Mathematics, Statistics, Student Success Center
        Financial Aid, Printing Services, Part-time Faculty O ces
Dining Rooms, Dining
Services, Meeting Rooms:
Conference Rooms A and B,
Don Bautista Room, El Clemente Room, Fireside Room, Meeting Room 1,
Lecture Hall, Faculty O ces Labs
Pavilion CompTechS/Computer Donation Program, Outreach
     Santa Cruz Room, Sta  Lounge, Meditation and Prayer Room
Foothill-De Anza District Police, De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB) O ces, DASB Card O ce, O ce of College Life, Dean of Student Development, EOPS/ CARE, Flea Market O ce, Le Café, Health Services, Inter-Club Council
and Relations with Schools, Occupational Training Institute (OTI), County O ce of Education
   (ICC) O ce, Student Accounts, Student Council Chambers
Child Development Center
California History Center
Geology/Physics Classrooms,
Faculty O ces
Classrooms/Physical Science/Math/ Engineering Division O ce, Faculty O ces, Honors Program Classrooms/Math and Science Tutorial Center, Faculty O ces
Classrooms, Faculty O ces Restrooms
Classrooms, Faculty O ces Nursing/Classrooms Faculty O ces
Admissions and Records,
Articulation, Assessment
Center (Testing), Bookstore,
Cashier, Counseling and
Advising Center, DASB Bike
Rental Corral, Educational
Diagnostic Center, International Student O ce, Matriculation, Psychological Services, Transcripts, Transfer Center, Veteran Services
Art History Classroom, Auditorium/Lecture Hall, Euphrat Museum of Art
     (Trianon Building)
Vasconcellos Institute for
Democracy in Action (VIDA)
Automotive Technology
Design and Manufacturing Technologies Classrooms, Faculty O ces Environmental Study Area Lab
Faculty O ces
Flint Center, Box O ce
Art History Slide Library/O ce, Faculty O ces, Lecture Halls
Faculty O ces
Faculty O ces
General Purpose Classrooms,
Grounds and Custodial Warehouse – Plant Services
High Tech Center Training Unit
Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences/ Workforce Education Division O ce, Faculty O ces, Classrooms
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