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FALL 2017
When you gaze at the night sky, do you feel
a sense of awe or a curiosity to understand our universe? This is the class for you! This non-technical class explores the role of matter and energy in the underlying structure of
the universe and how clouds of gases and dust give rise to stars, planets and solar systems. Close attention will be paid to the sun’s power and
its life cycle. Additional topics include the Big Bang theory, gravity, exoplanets, galaxies, black holes, supernovae and dark matter and energy. We will conclude with current theories about
the multiverse and the “Theory of Everything.”
Instructor: Awanish Mishra holds a bachelor
of science degree in chemistry with a minor in quantum physics, along with a master of science degree in theoretical chemistry.
Class Requirements: Must be age 14 or older. Students under 18 must take the class with an adult.
Cost: $54
Date, time and location: Nov. 2 (Thursday),
6-9 p.m., Room S44
Have you ever admired a bonsai tree and wondered how to grow and tend one? This is your chance! Students will receive an insightful presentation of the basic concepts of bonsai
and will learn how to shape and care for bonsai trees. This class will show the five classic styles
of bonsai and the basic techniques of developing and caring for miniature trees in pots. This course is primarily for beginners, but all are welcome.
Instructor: Jim Urhuasen is the current president of the San Jose Betsuin Bonsai Club. He has been a bonsai enthusiast and collector for over 30 years.
Cost: $89
Learn to locate constellations and to identify some bright stars and planets. Understand the changes in the moon, the motions of the sky and the seasonal changes in the visibility of stars and planets. In addition, you will get a feel for the enormous distances to the objects we see in the night sky. This very popular, non- technical astronomy course is designed for any community member interested in our local sky and will be held in the Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College.
Instructor: Karl Von Ahnen coordinated, managed or directed the De Anza College Planetarium for nearly 25 years.
Class Requirements: Must be age 14 or older. Students under 18 must take the class with an adult.
Cost: $59
Materials Fee (payable to the instructor): $3
Dates, time and location: Sept. 29 and Oct. 6 (two Fridays), 6:30-9:30 p.m., Planetarium
Learn Chinese brush calligraphy in time to write your holiday cards. This class will cover the basics of calligraphy including using the correct hand position, understanding structures of characters, and writing the eight types of basic strokes in regular script. Students will also learn the fundamentals of official script and cursive. Calligraphy-related culture and history will also be introduced. A $20 materials fee that will be paid to the teacher that includes a brush pen, ink and a roll of calligraphy paper.
Instructor: Kristina Tao is a seasoned Mandarin teacher whose specialty is Mandarin and Asian culture-enriched calligraphy.
Cost: $59
Materials Fee (payable to the instructor):
$20 (Includes a brush-pen, ink and a roll of calligraphy paper.)
Date, time and location: Oct. 29 (Sunday), 1-4 p.m., Room L42
Materials Fee (payable to the instructor): $55 (Includes: a “starter” bonsai tree and a book about them, necessary wire, a pot, and special scissors.)
Dates, time and location: Sept. 30, Oct. 21 and 28 (three Saturdays), 10 a.m. to noon, Room G1

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