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Community Education offers Extended Year College for Kids & Teens, Fujitsu Planetarium, Short Courses and ed2go Online Classes. We have offerings just about every day of the week ranging from fitness to astronomy. The Planetarium is one of the greatest in the world and is open for field trips and weekend family fun. View the Community Education Calendar below and join our email list to stay up to date.

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Community Education Calendar

Planetarium Shows - Click on a show link below for trailers and descriptions. How to purchase Planetarium tickets.

Ongoing Registration
De Anza College Fitness Center Membership - Short Courses
Online Classes start the second Wednesday of every month.

November 26 – CLOSED

December 3
Astronomy and Laser Shows:
4:00 - Magic Tree House
5:00 - Magic Tree House
6:30 - We Are Stars
8:00 - Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity
9:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)

December 10
Astronomy and Laser Shows:
4:00 - Legends of the Night Sky: Orion
5:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)
6:30 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)
8:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)
9:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)

December 16
Planetarium Special Event:
Spontaneous Fantasia: A Virtual Christmas

December 17
Astronomy and Laser Shows:
4:00 - This is Our Sky!
5:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)
6:30 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)
8:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)
9:00 - Laser Holiday Magic ($9)

January 13
World Astronomy, Then and Now

January 27
Becoming the Complete Stock Market Investor

February 4
Finding Your Way Through the Night Sky


Short Courses & Workshops

Short Courses offers not-for-credit enrichment courses taught on a wide variety of topics at De Anza College on evenings and weekends throughout the academic year.

Fujitsu Planetarium

The Planetarium is available for astronomy & laser shows, field trips, and party rentals. We have an on-site gift shop. Interested individuals may also give a gift of the stars by sponsoring a student or school.

Six-Week Online Courses

Choose from over 300+ six-week instructor-facilitated online courses. Certificates issued upon successful completion of each course. Online sessions begin on the third Wednesday of every month.

Extended Year Summer for Kids and Teens

De Anza Extended Year Summer College for Kids and Teens is a summer enrichment program where the focus is on teaching and learning, not grades and exams.